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  Critter  snapshots taken from videos from Infrared LED flash
    I-40 camera


       My twitter address is    BILLSCOTT

      Raccoon hunting at pond       
    Picture taken at Roman Hot Springs , Ca

            2  Racoons in pond

          Visiting dog in snow


         New location of I40 camera

  The failure of me trying to capture pictures in  pond area camera was moved.
The Moultrie I-40 LED IR flash was disappointing in flash range and the
M-40 camera is like a flame thrower in the dark but will not produce night videos. I am still testing and will take more months.
      Each time I save pictures to my laptop
      computer a new surprise picture is
 A problem with the game cameras battery consumption. NO internal batteries are used in my 4 cameras.

                          Below are pictures taken with standard flash 2008 to 2009

      Fox hunting at water containers

    Dogs running by salt block camera D-40

   Deer in front of water container

   See squirrel arrow is pointing to the M-40 camera is so sensitive that it will trigger on a   bird etc. click on picture to make bigger.

  Just another hunter a coyote
  Have taken months for them to get use to

  Yep here is a picture to prove that the camera will trigger on a bird.

  Bobcat photographed hunting  in evening

             Magnified picture
    Camera that captured picture left and above.
    powered by my 12 amp 12 volt solar system.
   When switching over to utilities decided to
    keep solar power supply as a alternative.  

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